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Husky Dog Sledding Tour on the Countryside

Fancy trying your hand as a musher? Get to know wilderness of Latvia nature and feel like a real musher by driving a dog cart! Winter and snow is not just for snowboarders and skiers, dog sledding is an opportunity to do something more unusual and just as exciting. Join the team of Siberian Husky dogs and fulfill your day with an excellent outdoor adventure on the countryside of Latvia!
TransportWinter | Duration: ~2,5 - 5 Hrs
Price & Booking
Price: from 50 Eur per person
We have two options for your adventorous day:
1. Husky Dog Sledding outside of Riga - 3 or 5 km

Husky Dog Sledding Tour Latvia

This option is a good chance for a short break out of Riga to have a fun and unforgetable experience of husky dog sledding through the forests. Depending on your choice 3 or 5 km long ride, there are two Husky farms that are located only 15 - 35 km away from Riga and this option will be good if want to spend more time on exploring in Riga.

Huskies, the breed commonly used for dog sledding, are strong dogs. On a typical dog sledding trip they will pull you at high speed across the Latvian wilderness, and as the wind slaps you face, you will get a taste of what life was like in the old days, when dog sledding was a much more common mode of transportation for many.

Each participant is instructed before going to the track to become a team member with the dogs!



3 km ride takes pace ~40 minute drive from Riga, in a National Park which is know for it's hills and forests. Area is great for a hike, cross country skiing, sliding down the hill on sled, but with us you will have a chance to do Husky Dog Sledding through beautiful winter forests.

- Husky Dog Ride length: 3 km
- Average husky dog sled speed ~17 km/h
- Tour duration: ~2,5 hours
- Distance from Riga: ~35 km

PRICE: from 50 EUR per person
Price includes:
• Transfer from your hotel (~ 40 minutes)

• Dog sledding after instructions
• Transfer back to your hotel in Riga (~40 minutes)




5 km ride takes place ~30 minutes drive from Riga center to countryside area of Latvia where you will do a ride through the fields and nice pine tree forests.

- Average husky dog sled speed: ~17 km/h
- Tour duration: ~2,5 hours
- Distance from Riga: ~15 km

PRICE: from 65 EUR per person
Price includes:
• Transfer from your hotel (~30 minutes)

• Dog sledding after instructions
• Transfer back to your hotel in Riga (~30 minutes)

• Hot tee after the ride

2. Race Dog Sledding on the countryside of Latvia - 4km

Race Dog Sledding Tour

This tour option gives you a chance to get to know Latvia much better. During the transfer to the farm you will see a big part of the country - a few cities, many towns and winter sightseeing of beautiful countryside.

We will take you about 90 km away from Riga, to the countryside of Latvia, where you will experience very fast and exciting 4 km long "Race Dog" sledding.

After your breathtaking ride we will be happy to chat and to warm you up with the help of mulled wine, tea and some delicious Latvian snacks.

This won't be just a dog sledding ride but also opportunity to see a part of Latvia, get to know more about the dogs and history of dog sledding, be in the beautiful forest and get to know more about Latvia and Latvians, taste tradiotional Latvian goods and more...

- Race Dog Ride length: 4 km
- Average speed ~30 km/h
- Tour duration: ~5 hours
- Distance from Riga: 90 km

PRICE: from 80 EUR per person
Price includes:
• Transfer from your hotel (~ 1 hour 30 minutes)

• Dog sledding after instructions
• Seeing the farm where the dogs live
• Transfer back to your hotel in Riga (~1 hour)

What exactly can you expect?
- Seeing the homes of sled dogs
- Learn the basics of dog sledding and other related information 
- Be pulled on a sled by Sled Race dogs
- Mulled wine, tea and traditional Latvian snacks by the fire

General Information

What if there is no snow?

Last three winters in Latvia have been warmer than usually and permanent snow cover was formed only in late January. In times when there is no snow we are offering rides in the dog carts which is also exciting activity to enjoy during your visit of Latvia.

Click on the photo for pictures of the dog cart rides!
An Excerpt From our Husky Dog Sledding Tour On The Countryside
Vidzeme (Northern Latvia)
Reviews of This Tour
"Husky sledding - fantastic experience!!!"
Reviewed January 24, 2016
Karen from Sidney, Australia
This was a really great experience, with a drive out to the countryside to a husky farm where there are 27 beautiful dogs, with one husky team and three other teams of faster race dogs! They are really friendly dogs and love to run in the snow, but certainly don't love to stop and so one of dogs chewed through the sled rope about 2/3rds of the way through while we were waiting for someone else to untangle their strings. It was a very funny experience watching my husband slide on his butt holding on to the rope behind the four detached dogs who wanted to keep running! We were rescued shortly after with two dogs back to the farm in the car and the other four left to take us back on the sled - they are amazingly strong! It was a really special experience, and the mulled wine and delicious pastries afterwards were very welcome. Rihards, who took us on the tour, was very friendly and knowledgeable about Latvia and gave us a lot of interesting information about Latvia's history and current state. Very highly recommended!!!

Visited January 2016
"Husky dog sledding"
Reviewed January 22, 2016
Mindaugas from Manchester, United Kingdom
Had an amazing time in this trip.That was a surprise present for my girlfriend. Very fun sliding and very relaxing atmosphere after in the middle of forest with warm drinks and snacks.Our guide Rihards was very friendly.Definitely would recommend this trip to everyone.

Visited January 2016
"Magnifique journée, entre adrénaline, bonne humeur et anecdotes"
Reviewed November 17, 2015
Roxanne from Paris, France
Nous avons passé une belle journée en compagnie d'un guide cultivé, patient et intéressant. Nous avons appris beaucoup et les consignes pour le dog cart étaient claires ce qui nous a permis de nous essayer en toute sécurité à cette activité!
Une collation conviviale autour d'un feu nous a été proposée et nous pouvions poser toutes les questions que nous souhaitions. Merci pour tout !

Visited November 2015
"Amazing Husky Sledding Day"
Reviewed February 18, 2015
Jessica from United Kingdom
We had an excellent exciting day husky sledding. We were picked up from a Riga hotel, having found it very easy to book. The dogs were beautiful and tour incredible. A true once in a lifetime experience!

Visited February 2015
"Husky sledding"
Reviewed January 28, 2015
Lisa from United Kingdom
This was the most amazing afternoon, you are collected by the knowledgable Rihards and driven through the countryside to a beautiful forest. After a short tutorial on how to control the sleds you are then off on your own!!! The whole experience was just brilliant, although it helps if it snows! Finished off with a cup of mulled wine and some traditional Latvian snacks. I can't recommend it enough, makes you smile all day!

Visited January 2015
"Great way to see Latvia"
Reviewed January 30, 2014
Richard from London, United Kingdom
Great trip. Rihards was a brilliant guide and made the day. Definitely recommend the Husky sledding which is run by a couple of very dedicated individuals who love their dogs.

Visited January 2014
"Husky Dog Sledding- Fantastic"
Reviewed February 23, 2013
Elizabeth from Manchester, United Kingdom
We had a great time on the Dog Sledding Tour with Discover Latvia. Our family of 5 were picked up promptly from our hotel and driven for around 90km, this was an interesting ride as we got to see parts of Latvia beyond Riga. Once we arrived we had chance to see the puppies before helping harness up the dogs. After an demonstration of how to "mush", off we went. I was surprised how fast the dogs went, we only wish we had booked the longer ride. After we got back we had a cup of hot tea and a snack before having chance to play in the snow... all of us are big kids!!!

Highly recommended!

Visited February 2013
"Husky Dog Sledding' ticked off our bucketlists!"
Reviewed February 19, 2013
Rachel from London, United Kingdom
My boyfriend and I went on the Discover Latvia 'Husky Dog Sledding' day tour recently in early February. It was absolutely incredible, and I can't sing the praises of Discover Latvia (DL) as a tour company highly enough!

From googling to find a tour to do in Riga during our three day mini winter holiday, the DL website was easy to navigate and appealing. After initially not hearing back using the generic 'contact us' email on the website, I re-emailed and recieved a response immediately (even in the weekend!). Perhaps Rihard's initial reply bounced to my junk folder. Notwithstanding emailing Rihard to organise a tour at very short notice, only a few days before we arrived in Riga, he was able to arrange our sledding tour for the day we wanted. It was great talking to a guide with such a great command of English (the language barrier was something we otherwise struggled with a bit while in Latvia!) and he was very polite and enthusiastic over emails!

From the pick up as promised from our apartment/hotel, our guide Rihard drove us out to the sledding. We saw a fantastic amount of the countryside, including a mini detour through a village to 'see the real Latvia'.

The husky sledding itself was INSANELY amazing. The dogs are very friendly (and cuddly!) and you are instructed how to manouever the sled. Then you stand in the mushing position (one of us sat in the 'baggage' part, then switched over drivers halfway) to literally lead the dogs on a track through forestry and wide open fields!! This was an incredible experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting Latvia!! There are plenty of chances to take photographs (I even took a video while in the baggage position on the sled, going through the forest), and the men helping you to do the sledding are happy to be photographers to ensure your visit is truly well documented in photos!

The snacks afterwards were truly a mini feast - in a tepee with a small fire we drank hot tea to warm our hands back up, and had sausages, sweet bread and crackers. This was an amazing experience and one we will always remember.

Visited February 2013